Welcome we are here to help find out where ‘you think you are’ and actually show you ‘where we think you want to be’!

   Quickly and efficiently and bring you back down to Earth.

We are an IT Emergency call out service.

For immediate contact call us on  01473 404007 24/7

or email (if possible).. emergency @ jalexcollective.co.uk

What do we do?

What have you done for others?

When can we do it?

Where will we travel?

How much will it cost?

What do we need from you?

Do you supply whatever you’re going to need?

Jalex Collective IT Ltd has been running for over seventeen years and in that time we have done some amazing work. We’ve fixed things in IT and setup peoples entire businesses (including Microsofts own global wifi network) installing HP news beacons and Ciscos new system, leading cutting edge VR and tomorrows technology for toay. We configured phone systems to server halls, entire racks of servers, Satellite data uplink installations in fields.

If it’s plugged in and has an IT electron running around inside it, then we dealt with it! We manage as the glue between your hardware and software. When you can’t put your finger on what the problem is, but something’s just not feeling right. We have a mothers intuition as to where the problems may lie! (Pun intended) We will then take the burden on our shoulders and work with who ever or what ever, with all the support services we need to resolve it!

               We are the 24/7 Emergency IT Support for Special problems no one else wants to touch !

Jalex Collective IT Ltd charge by the hour or a fixed day rate if it helps. We do not charge for system waiting time, but our most common delay (about 50 to 80 percent of  our clients bills) are usually down to other providers. We usually inform you immediately about these firms with a prescribed letter to take to them. We do not tolerate tardy useless suppliers in an IT chain. We charge an attendance fee as we don’t believe in call outs and we don’t charge premium rates for out of office hours. To us, it is a bonus to be able to work outside the normal 9-5 hrs anywhere on the planet. This is because there are less system users and the networks are quieter. (This is a harsh fact of life for everyone in the IT industry). We do not charge commission for items we supply either. We charge for reports and communications to your other parties but not to you! (Please contact if you require further information)

Jalex are not a bunch of sales people going around saying ‘you don’t want to do that’ or sucking through our teeth saying, ‘thats gonna cost a lot’. Hardware is cheap, we cal it ‘Tin’, as its usually as cheap as.....

The fact is, we really want that piece of hardware or software you purchased to do exactly what it is supposed to do or many years and its is designed to do that. If it does not then we’ll make sure it.

You may not have the right platform, network or browser to run it properly, so we aim to fix what you have, and if the worst comes to the worst, we have spares we can lay our hands on very quickly.  In short Yes.

It is imperative we get to you as soon as possible to help us to mitigate the damage and losses, and that these problems are not left to simmer and smoulder. We are not scare mongers but in our experience even stupid email problems can go on for months before they go back to the way they were. Usually outside influences (your ISP, Web or Email provider) will make things different for you and you must re-learn what you used to do. Within the competitive IT industry a popular saying is ‘If you don’t like it, tough.’ The larger companies work on the principle that they have ten thousand people who will put up with the hassle and costs you have had to endure. If you just make sure you give us full access to the problem and as quickly as possible and some trust, that’s all we need. We do not disappoint people with our skill to handle your problems as top issue.

Jalex Collective IT Ltd has been running for many years and in that time we have done some amazing work. We’ve fixed a lot of weird and wonderful things in IT, setup entire businesses ‘from scratch’; from entire old exchange PBX phone systems to entire racks of 10GB fibre servers.  We have probably set it up, installed and repaired it, we were there at the dawn of WIFI.

Jalex goes where the equipment is. Any IT firm that expects you to bring the equipment to them to trouble shoot is not using common sense. Jalex will come to your premises so they can replicate, test, trouble shoot and repair the problem where it’s happening. Basically East Anglia Based, work daily in Kent, Midlands and if you have the need anywhere.

Idiot firms come out with statements like ’it works fine on our workshop bench’s router or on our servers racks’.

That’s great for them not you, apart from the fact you don’t work or use that piece of equipment in there office does not help you. We come to you.

Jalex want the problem sorted as soon as possible. We don’t wait until the moon’s right or that the company is not online, we are here to trouble shoot. This is an important emergency; you are the customer and if the third parties are slowing us down, they can just wait, work late or get staff in to support us whilst we are working. If they do not learn to be there when they are needed, they will become dinosaurs and someone else will replace them very soon! There’s a few billion other call centres popping up who are open 24/7 for you.

PO BOX 637, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 0WX. Office: 01473 404 007 or www.jalexcollectiveit.com email: legal@jalexcollective.co.uk

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